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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

Oscar and the Wolf

Straight from hell into heaven. That’s what happened to Oscar and the Wolf last summer. In June, Max Colombie had to postpone part of his European tour because of mental health issues, but a few weeks later, he gave majestic performances at Lowlands and Pukkelpop. The arrangements. The comprehensive accompaniment. The integration of songs from the new ‘The shimmer’ (2022), which Max himself called a “stroll through four seasons”. All of it was of the highest quality; an Olympic-level achievement. The concerts were brought to a close with a new song: ‘Warrior’ can be heard as far as the offices of the Royal Belgian Football Association in Brussels. An overflowing Sportpaleis in November is proof that Oscar and the Wolf has found the perfect balance between electronica and emotion. At least, insofar as it didn’t exist yet…


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