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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

Lil Nas X

‘Old Town Road’ (2019) was an amazing hybrid. Lil Nas X chucked a banjo in among the beats and rapped about a “cowboy hat from Gucci”. The song even made it into the country charts, although that later turned out to be an accident. Billboard banned it from the chart as it wasn’t country enough. No problem. In the meantime ‘Old Town Road’ ended up occupying #1 for the longest spell - 19 weeks - in the history of the Hot 100… which is run by Billboard. The supposed one-hit-wonder turned out to be a stayer that took off like a rocket and caused quite a stir along the way with his lyrical outing – the line “I don’t fuck bitches, I’m queer” in ‘Industrial Baby’ (2021) – or a controversial video – see ‘Montero’ (2020) – in which he twerks with the devil. According to Lil Nas X this is just the end of the beginning. Superior showbusiness.


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