Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope

Kelsy Karter & The Heroines

As a child, Kelsy Karter put on shows in the garden and charged the neighbours to come and watch. Not much has changed, she notes today. The garden in question was in Australia where the New Zealand-born artist grew up. She moved to Los Angeles at twenty to pursue her career. “I want to sing like James Brown and entertain like David Bowie”. Karter looks like Angelina Jolie, dresses like Debbie Harry and runs amok like Joan Jett. And while she’s an excellent tap dancer, she lives for rock’n’roll. In 2019, Kelsy was in the global press with what she jokingly calls The Harry Fiasco. She had a portrait of Harry Styles tattooed onto her cheek as a gift on the singer’s birthday. But it was entirely fake. It was all a stunt to promote her new single ‘Harry’, a song about the former One Direction singer. That’s Kelsy.


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