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No one seems better suited to the label ‘the new Kendrick Lamar’ than J.I.D. The thirty-year-old has some miles on the clock and a trunk full of talent. Destin Route became a member of Spillage Village, a collective from his home city of Atlanta in 2010. His stage name was given to him by his grandmother. She thought him somewhat “jittery”. That’s also a trademark of his rapping style. J.I.D. is one of the fastest rappers around. J. Cole picked him up in 2017 for his Dreamville label. Just in time, as trap was dominating the Atlanta scene, and that wasn’t to J.I.D.’s liking. He wanted more content and fewer beats. Everything blew up when he lent his voice to ‘Enemy’ (2021) by Imagine Dragons. The song has had a billion streams and was the perfect boost for ‘The Forever Story’ (2022), J.I.D.’s third album which also made the Belgian chart.  


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