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“Thanks for coming to see some random bitch from TikTok!” GAYLE called out last year at the end of a mighty Pukkelpop set. Okay, her early fame is indeed down to the viral smash ‘abcdefu’ (2021). But, over the course of her 45-minute set, Taylor Gayle Rutherford showed she has so much more to offer. Her CV is impressive for someone who is only nineteen. GAYLE knew what she wanted to be when, as a child, she heard jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. This talented youngster was performing in bars in Nashville at barely ten years old. It was simply a matter of time before she was discovered. Kara DioGuardi, a member of the American Idol jury, took care of that. Since then, she has befriended Taylor Swift and ‘abcdefu’ has been nominated Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards. She can do no wrong. 


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