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The Slope

Ethan Bortnick

Wunderkind turns TikTok star. That’s how Ethan Bortnick’s biography might describe his first twenty years. The pianist/vocalist/songwriter was a mere nine years old when he performed live on American TV in 2009. Two years later, he became the youngest headliner ever in Las Vegas and also entered the Guinness Book as the youngest solo musician with his own tour. At that point, Ethan had clearly had enough and decided he just wanted to enjoy being young like his contemporaries. Music was still important to him, but he swapped his status as an entertainer for the role of contemporary songwriter. His look saw a 180-degree makeover and his taste veered towards Phoebe Bridgers and Kendrick Lamar. Songs like ‘engravings’, ‘prom’ and ‘arsonists’ have true meaning and occupy a sweet spot between Mozart and hip-hop. 


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