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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
KluB C

Dope Lemon

Dope Lemon is an old acquaintance’s project. Angus Stone and his sister Julia have played at Rock Werchter three times before (2014, 2015 and 2018). Their blend of folk and indie rock made waves here. Neither dis the two Australians have any trouble filling Forest National. Angus has also been doing his own thing under his own name and as Dope Lemon. Under this pseudonym he creates laid-back atmospheric music for sunny days and distant beaches. Soulful grooves, strong beats, spacey synthesizers and a healthy dose of kitsch. By the way, one of his best songs is largely Belgian in origin. The popular ‘Home Soon’ (2017) is based on ‘Stories’, a 1972 song by The Chakachas.


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