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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope

Destroy Boys

Alexia Roditis and Violet Mayugba are the founders of Destroy Boys. The band’s curious name is Violet’s sneer towards all the boys who dumped her as a teenager. The original plan was for something intimate with two acoustic guitars. Until a friend came along whose mother would only let him take drumming lessons if he joined a band. Destroy Boys went electric and became a punk rock trio. Or in their own words: “just some rockers from Northern California”. They recorded their 2016 debut ‘Sorry, Mom’ – featuring the TikTok hit ‘I Threw Glass At My Friend’s Eyes And Now I’m On Probation’ – in 24 hours. They actually spent four days on their next one. ‘Open Mouth, Open Heart’ (2020) is where they really got going. Two of the songs are sung in Spanish, in reference to Roditis’ Argentine roots. 


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