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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
KluB C

Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis from Sydney spent five years meticulously studying every Oasis video. “Noel Gallagher taught me how to write songs.” His music publisher sent the young man to London to learn from producers Nick Atkinson and Ed Holloway, renowned for their work with Lewis Capaldi. The initial results changed Lewis’ life in a stroke. The song ‘Waves’ was the second biggest hit of 2017 down under. Its follow-up, ‘Be Alright’ (2018) conquered the world. The tale of a breakup symbolises everything that Lewis wants to be. He wants to talk about the real things that happen to real people. The man is now on his second album - ‘The Hardest Love’ (2022) – and the world awaits his every word. Belgium, by the way, was the first country along with Australia where he reached number one.   


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