Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

Black Box Revelation

Jan Paternoster and Dries Van Dijck have been Black Box Revelation for a good twenty years, yet they’re still fresh-faced thirtysomethings. They are the definition of ‘forever young’, a trend that continues on their latest album ‘Poetic Rivals’ (2023). They say it’s an album that will get young folks reaching for their guitars again. It has the same naive character as their 2007 debut ‘Set Your Head On Fire’ (2007) and was recorded in the London studio of Andy Savour (Arctic Monkeys, My Bloody Valentine). The duo is also looking back at its illustrious history in other ways. For example, in the summer of 2022 they toured the West Coast of the United States: exactly ten years after their first visit when they performed ‘High On A Wire’ in front of four million Americans on the David Letterman show. Everything is still possible.  


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