Rock Werchter 2017

29 june - 2 july 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of the usual campsites no longer in use?

The sale of regular camping tickets started on Friday 17 February. That is somewhat later than planned. As of this year Rock Werchter has to get by with fewer regular camping facilities. A number of campsites have been done away with because they were located in the Flemish ecological network (FEN). Flemish law states that certain activities – including camping – can no longer take place in these districts. We have been aware of that for a couple of years. We had to think long and hard about how best to organise camping options for the coming summer.

Regular camping will be allowed on three campsites: A1, C3 and C7. This represents three regular camping ticket categories – something completely new. So right from the outset you get to purchase a ticket for a specific regular campsite.

A regular camping ticket – option A1, C3 or C7 – costs 27 euros (presales) whatever the length of your stay. With a regular camping ticket – option A1, C3 or C7 – you can stay on your selected campsite from 8 am on Thursday 29 June until midday (12 pm) on Monday 3 July.

Click here for a (revised & handy) summary of all the different camping options!

Working at Rock Werchter

Rock Werchter does not call on individual volunteers. The festival has always drawn on a broad spectrum of clubs and associations from the area in and around Werchter. With great passion and enthusiasm the members of these clubs get involved in whatever has to be done on and around the festival ground. Their aim is to contribute to the success of the festival and to raise funds for their organisation, because all partner clubs and associations earn a fee from the festival organizers.

Can I take photos and film at Rock Werchter?

Professional sound, film, video and photo equipment is not allowed. Small cameras and smartphones are welcome in the Festival Park.

Ticket in someone else’s name

Is the name on your festival ticket not your own? Not to worry! If it was purchased through the official channels your ticket is valid.

If the original buyer of the ticket is not with you when you enter the festival please make sure the ticket, the print quality and the barcode (in particular) are in great condition. Print your ticket on a white sheet of paper and make sure the other side is unused. Dirty, wet or laminated tickets and badly printed or unclear barcodes cannot be read into the scanners. In that case, we can only give a copy of the ticket to the original ticket buyer.

Do not buy your tickets from auction websites or second hand ticket websites. Tickets offered for extortionate prices will be blacklisted and invalidated, meaning they won't get you into the festival. More info here.

Can I take my (young) children to the festival?

There is no minimum age for Rock Werchter so all are welcome! But everyone at the festival must have a festival ticket, children included. There are no discounts for children.

We do not recommend that (young) children be brought to the festival grounds, because we do not provide facilities for children and a music festival is not the ideal environment for children.

Can I set up a market or food stand at Rock Werchter?

The stand room available in the Festival Park is allocated exclusively to our sponsors and media partners. A small number of stands can be set up on our festival market. Frans Bevers Catering is our cateringpartner. Contact us via for conditions and availability.

Can I promote my product or event on and/or around the festival site?

On and around the festival site, including on the campsites and on the public roads, it is strictly prohibited to hand out or display flyers, posters or other promotional materials. Sponsors and media partners - if they have agreed this with the organizers - get visibility at the Festival Park.

Want to explore Rock Werchter's history?

Rock Werchter X is the best way to catch-up on more than four decades of Rock Werchter. The years, the names, the facts, the gossip... The sounds and images simply flow. Rock Werchter X is a centre of information for anyone who has (n)ever been to Rock Werchter before. It is the club for those who were there and a revelation for those who never set foot on the hallowed turf. Rock Werchter X is an experience centre. You will find it at Amerstraat no. 1, Werchter. All information on: