Rock Werchter 2014

3 - 6 july 2014

Festivalpark Werchter, Belgium

White Lies

White Lies

Thursday  17:50 - 18:50 Main Stage

Fantastic sorrow. Life is never funny in White Lies’ numbers. ‘Life on earth is no party,’ according to guitarist Charles Cave, ‘Feeling sad is only to be expected.’ That makes sense. Groups such as Editors, Interpol and Joy Division have proven that sorrow can result in fantastic music. White Lies follow in their footsteps. In the autumn of 2008 the London trio made a name for themselves with ‘Death’. The single became a Studio Brussel Afrekening hit and the group sold out at AB (Brussels) on its first trip to Belgium. Their latest album ‘Big TV’ (2013) is all about how they hope to be as big as U2 one day. It is being discretely promoted with a tour in smaller venues. In November White Lies sold out at the AB two nights in a row and resulted in just as many standing ovations.