Rock Werchter 2017

29 june - 2 july 2017

Oscar And The Wolf

The Barn

Fri 30 June  21:55 - 23:10

For talented all-rounders like Belgian artist Max Colombie, things can move quickly in the music business. On Sunday afternoon in 2014 he opens The Barn at Rock Werchter as/with Oscar And The Wolf. The next year – in The Barn again – Oscar And The Wolf tops the bill and pushes the boundaries of ecstasy. A couple of years later he sells out the biggest arenas several times and closes the Pukkelpop Festival. All on the strength of 1 album: his debut, Entity (2014); and 1 single: The Game (2016). Colombie's world class is as vivid as his often eccentric stage garb. Entity will be followed by Infinity, to be released end of September. Don't miss the foretaste! On Friday 30 June Oscar And The Wolf plays Rock Werchter for the third time. They say good things come in threes.