Rock Werchter 2017

29 june - 2 july 2017

Maggie Rogers

KluB C

Fri 30 June  15:15 - 15:55

In February 2016 Pharrell Williams gave a masterclass at the Clive Davis Institute in New York, reputed for its music education. He was enthralled by the number Alaska, written by student Maggie Rogers. “I've never heard anything that sounds like that. That's a drug for me.” The video of that afternoon went viral. In June last year the finished version of Alaska was released. A week later it had clocked two million listens on Soundcloud and Spotify. A lightning quick start for this songwriter from the US state of Maryland. It is to the small village where she grew up that she owes her unwavering faith in the goodness of people. A study year in France brought her into contact with electronic music and caused her to explore beyond the banjo and guitar she had grown up with. Add it all up and you are ready for the world.