Rock Werchter 2017

29 june - 2 july 2017

Linkin Park

Main Stage

Sat 01 July  23:15 - 01:00

A band we’re always mad keen to see. Linkin Park top the wish list at any festival, and online streaming services place the American six-piece among their most-frequently-listened-to artists. The band even has two tracks in Spotify’s Top 10 timeless songs. Yes, with over a hundred million streams between them, ‘In The End’ (# 6) and ‘Numb’ (# 3) sit with the likes of ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Having started as an alternative metal band in the mid-nineties, Linkin Park amassed bigger audiences by incorporating elements of hip hop and electronic music. Two front men give the band a distinct dynamic: Chester Bennington’s intense vocals bouncing off Mike Shinoda’s stellar raps. Linkin Park will play Rock Werchter on Saturday 1 July. This will be the band's second time at Werchter, having first appeared in 2011. Their 7th studio album One More Light is all done.