Rock Werchter 2017

29 june - 2 july 2017


The Barn

Fri 30 June  17:40 - 18:40

Jasmine van den Bogaerde already had a worldwide hit when still in high school. Her version of Skinny Love, a song by Bon Iver, was the second best selling single in the UK in 2011. In the rest of the world too, Birdy was already known by her 14th birthday. She was given the name Birdy by her mother. Because as a child she ate like a bird. Mother is a concert pianist and the actor Dirk Bogarde – known for the film Death In Venice – is her great uncle. So there is something in the family. She also has Flemish genes. Now aged just 20, Birdy has three albums to her credit. After a series of impressive covers of Fleet Foxes, Ed Sheeran and The xx numbers she started to write her own material. Her spellbinding voice and mystical aura adding to the magic. On Beautiful Lies (2016) Birdy said goodbye to her youth. The big wide world entered her lyrics and the sparse acoustic accompaniment became strong indie pop.